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Teamwork makes the dream network.

Buds Buddies

Affiliates & Sponsorships


Adult Slow Pitch

Our team consists of local friends that enjoy a semi-competitive adult game of slow pitch softball.  Games will be streamed. More…


Twitch Streamer

SmokexDiver is a great guy that streams various games and/or IRL streams on Twitch.  Be sure to go to Twitch to hit the follow button!  More...


Cornhole Pro

Jackie Sayasone has made a huge impression throughout the ACL League on a national scale with her skills.  More…

American Cornhole League

2020 Season 

  1. Placed 2nd on ESPN August 7, 2020- ACL World Championships ** Women’s Doubles.
  2. Placed 3rd on ESPN3 Jan. 31st, 2020- ACL Kickoff Battle in Ft. Lauderdale, FL ** Women’s Doubles.
  3. Placed 5th  on ESPN May 16th, 2020- ACL Pro Qualifier in Galveston, TX ** Doubles.
  4. Placed 2nd at Super Conference 2020 (Midwest & Mountain South ** Women’s Singles

Collaborating Businesses

Vitamin CBD

Cannabis Cultivation

At VitaminCBDTM nature and science come together to help our customers enjoy a healthier, more active lifestyle. Rooted in Maine’s organic farming legacy and over 40 years of medical experience, our plant-based formulations are designed to aid in disease prevention while increasing vitality. read more

Rotary Garden USA

Agriculture Solutions

CEO of Rotary Garden USA and H.O.S.S.T Consulting.  Looking to inovate the future of growing food and cannabis indoors internationally.